Dealing With A Dental Emergency

Below are some suggestions for how to deal with dental emergency, but please call us with your dental emergency, and we will provide any assistance possible the same day to take care of the pain or discomfort.

Lost Filling/Broken Tooth
Most times this is due to having an old filling and part of the weakened tooth breaks off. While it is quite traumatic, it is usually more uncomfortable on the tongue than painful; simply call to book an appointment to have it replaced/fixed. If however, you are experiencing extreme or prolonged pain or hot/cold sensitivity, please phone the office immediately and we will see you that day.

Occasionally this can be extremely serious and life threatening. If you have any difficulty swallowing or breathing, go to the nearest emergency room immediately. In all other instances, please call the office and we will see you that day.

Loose Crown (Cap)
We will try to re-cement the crown, provided there is no underlying cause for it to fall out. If you are away or unable to reach us try your local pharmacy or drug store and buy some temporary crown cement until you can come in to see us.

Adult Tooth Fell Out
If the tooth is intact, place it immediately back in the socket. If it is dirty, gently brush off the dirt but do not wipe the tissue off the tooth, as this will prevent successful healing. Research shows that the most important factor in the tooth surviving is how quickly it is put back into its socket.

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