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Maintaining A Healthy Smile

Oral hygiene is important, and poor oral hygiene has been proven by numerous research studies to affect your heart, blood pressure, give you bad breath and even a decreased ability to taste food among other things. Since every individual mouth is different, we do a complete and thorough evaluation of your gums and surrounding tissues to create your individualized care and maintenance schedule.

Plaque Management

Studies have shown that as early as 2 hours after brushing, a biofilm develops on the surfaces of your teeth. If the biofilm remains on the teeth, it will develop into soft matter called plaque. These accumulations of plaque and/or calculus will cause localized areas of infection in the gums causing them to bleed and become inflamed (gingivitis). If left for long period of time, this will eventually lead to bone loss (periodontitis) and the release of toxins into the blood stream and ultimately affect your overall health.

Scaling and Root Planing
In order to achieve a healthy mouth we need to completely remove all plaque and calculus, and perform regular cleaning. This involves the use of hand and/or ultrasonic instruments to remove and polish, making it more difficult for bacteria to attach to your teeth.

Periodontal Surgery
Sometimes people who have significant bone loss need a more thorough cleaning; therefore, we do provide more extensive procedures to help repair/remodel the bone and allow easier home care. Most of these procedures only require simple local anesthetic (freezing).

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